Wishing you a very Happy 2018!
According to a zodiac, it is a “Dog Year” that has many meanings. But after going through 2017’s “Rooster Year” or year of a harvest, “Dog Year” is a year of “defense”. And many say that it requires lots of diligent and endeavor.
The word of “Dog” always reminds me of Picasso and his beloved dog “Lump”, a Dachshund.
Some of you may remember Picasso’s stick figure like sketch of Lump or a series of pictures of them together taken by the famous photographer and also Picasso’s best friend, David Douglas Dunkan.



Picasso is always described as a genius and prodigy artist but as he was also known as the artist who broke many fixed ideas, he probably made continuous efforts and endeavors. He often said that the picture to be painted tomorrow will always be the best. And Lump cuddle close to Picasso watching his daily struggles.



As an interior designer, I would like to make tenacious efforts on daily basis, meanwhile keep thanking my family and friends to go through 2018.