Anaha Green Wall

Anaha, Howard Hughes’s next luxurious condo in Kaka’ako, is not officially open yet but we are now seeing some photos of its lobby area that includes a Green Wall as a main feature for the lobby.
Green wall was originally used as an attractive privacy wall for exterior but much like Anaha Lobby we now witness its expanded use into interior space such as beauty parlor, hospitality and office space. This trend seems to grow in near future.
Many designers use green wall to secure environment especially to reduce the effect of Heat Island (Temperature increase in the urban area surrounded by concrete buildings and pavements). But they also see the wall could also affect to the psychological area, improvement of office space or established image of the space by using them. As an interior designer, I can see its further use and I would like to apply this for the project.
(First two photos are Anaha, the rest of two photos are from Pinterest)

Me ka aloha pumehana,

Reiko Lewis