”How do you build color schemes?”

One of our readers asked me “how to create color schemes?”
Technically speaking, we use the color wheel which is the color of the rainbow placed on a wheel.
Monochromatic color scheme uses specific hues in different tones, shades and tints (picture of only red hue) Analogous uses colors next to each other on the 12 spoke color wheel (see the one blues and purple). 
Complimentary method is to use the colors on the opposite sides on the wheel (yellow and purple on the photo).
Of course you can combine these methods together.
For the people just started interested in interior decorating, you can utilize what you have in your room: area rug or artwork, you can pick colors from them. I borrowed some examples from the Pinterest website.
In the photo, fabrics of lounge chair and sofa are taken from the area rug colors and you can even add another color for a pillow from the area rug. You can also change the color of wall from here.
You can use the same method from using art in the room. From the same area rug or art, you can pick cool colors for summer and you can also create new color schemes going up punchy tints or soft tints.
Please try and enjoy creating your own color schemes.