Contribution work for HUGS staff room upgrade with the help by CMK Builders and Rainbow State Paint


Over the weekend, we had a volunteer opportunity at the local charity group “HUGS.”

When we removed furniture in their staff room, there were so many holes and damages in the walls and we thought it was a good timing to repair and paint the walls!

Joan Naguwa, Exective Director and Cheryl Tamura, who has been using this room also helped us. It took a while to repair all the damages on the wall, and for the portion of what I and Leah Crowe, a designer at Ventus Design could not do, Joe Shin and Jimmy Won from CMK Builders helped us and we successfully completed it.

We also would like to thank Benjamin Moore from Rainbow State Paint, a paint store. They were kind enough to cooperate with a “demanding” interior designer and also gave us two gallons of the best quality paints.



Aura Bath and Spa Matte Finish Paint newly came out to the market and is a premium interior coating in Matt finish, specifically formatted for optimal performance in high humidity environments such as baths and spas. With the added benefits of proprietary Color Lock technology and mildew resistance, it delivers remarkable durability and exceptional color, which is expected to give the wall an extra length of durability in the staff room.

Rainbow State Paint staff members and Dan and Rae Whitford, the co-owners of the store helped me through the project. With everybody’s help, we are very pleased that we could contribute to the upgrade of HUGS staff room.

As an interior designer, I would like to contribute to the society in every little occasion that we can.