Design Tip From Ilikai Condominium Renovation Project

Continuing from yesterday’s post regarding the Ilikai Condo project, I would like to give you a few tips for bedroom interior design.

For the case of having a small bedroom, we use the similar method: Use white or close to white tone as a base color.






Beds share the larger portion of the room than you think so we recommend beds to be white or close to white.

White will reflect lighting in the room and make the room brighter.

But only white beds are rather boring. Please add accent colors using bed throws and decorative pillows.

We also recommend to make height of beds to be low so the room height appear to be high and wide.

We extended a part of wall to make headboard and ambience lighting.




We also add the “Before” photo at the end (Third picture).

Hope this will help you for improving your bedroom decor!