My favorite this week: Mirror TV

It has been for a while since Ventus Design put out a “My Favorite” status update!
This time, Reiko Lewis wants to introduce a Mirror TV. Some of you may be familiar with the devise as seen in hotels when used in bathrooms as mirrors that have a tiny tv built in.


For many residential spaces, big TV usually needs to be in the family room: all family members and friends want to watch movies, concerts and sports games along with good audio system.
However, the bigger the TV is, the more black space dominates the wall and some may not like the look of it.
For those, Ventus Design recommends installing a stylish Mirror TV.
It is a regular mirror or can be seen outside of view when it is not in use and only functions as a TV when it is on. It functions better than using a projector and it looks prettier.



Stylish Living Room

Electric Mirror offers a variety of products but some others may offer the bigger size TV up to 80”.
Please ask interior designer for the details.