Hina Doll by Ms. Yukako Goto

As we approach March, soon we will be celebrating “Girls Day” and decorating Hina Doll in Japan. Today, I want to introduce a haute couture Hina Doll artist, Ms. Yukako Goto.
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Her Hina Dolls are very artistic and you can display them as interior art.
Unfortunately she suddenly ended her 49 years old life last September. But an example of “Gothic” Hina Doll illustrates her passions for this “Unique festival day tradition of Japanese culture telling stories of love” and her wishes for better life of women. It is said that over a hundred craftsmen and masters are involved to make these hina dolls as they are very custom and Haut couture with their maximum efforts and time.
Exhibition of her work started last week and is currently shown in the Doll Museum in Yokohama until April 8.