Ikuo Hirayama’s Famous Red Painting

This color of red reminded me of the painting achieved by a very successful painter of Japan: Ikuo Hirayama’s painting “The Holocaust of Hiroshima”.
Theme is a A-Bomb in Hiroshima that the painter himself experienced in 1945. He decided to directly depict Hiroshima when he visited the memorial hall on the memorial day in 1978. He pictured that the phoenix appeared to tell us to live and Fudomyo a Japanese fighting god said we still live in the massive fire. The picture he created is not for keeping memory of the atrocity of the war but for expressing rebirth and progress of Hiroshima. (This is based on the artist’s comment on the occasion of receiving a Japanese Cultural Merit)
Only a few weeks back, Hiroshima again was hit hard by a torrential rain disaster and the damage and death pole counts were one of the highest in years. I wish for the recovery and rebirth path for those effected by this tragedy and I hope that I can contribute to the relief effort for this area.
I wanted to introduce the Red Painting in my memory and wish many of you will join me in prayer and support for the region.