Infinity Drain

The readers who saw the other day’s article regarding Infinity Shower Room wanted to know little bit more about it.

Many call them in different ways such as : Infinity drain or Curbless shower.


contemporary-bathroom (1)InfinitiDrain-Linearcontemporary-bathroom (2)

Regular shower room has a little “bank” at the entry to avoid water coming back into the other area. This design eliminates curb and install a linear drain around perimeter or the one side of the wall. There is also a linear drain that tile can be inserted in the middle of the drain.

Of course, the designer needs to think of the slope of the floor to drains water in the proper way. By having this method, we can create a beautiful and Zen like shower room.

The other benefit of this design is that it is suitable for the seniors who tend to fall around curb area due to the mobility or lifting legs and for the people on wheel chairs.


curb shower

It is aesthetically beautiful as well as it is good for universal design. I would like to recommend many people who are thinking of bathroom design.

Me ka aloha pumehana,

Reiko Lewis