JARDINS des FLEURS and Mr. Makoto Azuma

Wishing every one of you a wonderful holiday seasons!
In leu of Holiday Card, Ventus Design is introducing photos of a respectful floral artist, Mr. Makoto Azuma’s master pieces.

He is a founder of “JARDINS des FLEURS” in Tokyo or a floral haute couture boutique and he started a sculpture using flowers and botanicals that made his name well-known to the world.


One of his installation art, Iced flowers is a very interesting exhibition. Assortments of plants are placed in ice that makes a vivid contrast and created suspended objects inside.






When the ice begins to melt, the blossoms start to change its’ shape and life of flowers change in the process of melting ice. Mr. Azuma always says that every moment and life of flower is beautiful, not only just blooming moment. I hope Reiko Lewis as a interior designer will make efforts to be shining every moment.
This is my resolution for the next year.