Love wood and lumber pieces!

People often mention his name whenever talking about tea ceremony construction and tea ceremony furniture pieces. His name is Mr. Kageyama.
He is also one of the leading persons behind Omotesenke’s new tea ceremony room at Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii that will soon resume. I introduced Satoshi and Marcia who I recently mentioned on my Facebook to Mr. Kageyama by visiting his factory. Mr. Kageyama’s partner, Alan Wilkinson who is also well known furniture expert in the area of Koa furniture was there today. All of us talked a lot about wood, lumber and furniture making! How to put wood pieces together without breaking them (secret!), very very unique wood species in Hawaii, etc.
It was a very fun and educational two hours! I am still learning a lot from the experts and it is a fun part of being an interior designer.
Me ka aloha pumehana,
Reiko Lewis