Series of articles last week relating to this 2018 Interior design trend, there was a mistake on the explanation of Maximalist. Within the bracket after maximalist, there is a lack of “opposite movement to the minimalist that is”. One of the readers pointed this out to me and taking this as an opportunity to apologize to the readers and describe a little bit more about the Maximalist trend in 2018.
One of the leading trends this year, many designers point out the stream of Maximalism: Decorating all you like, in bold style and color and setting them up in a theatrical art form within your room. In echos to this trend, there are many jewel tone fabrics and wallpapers in the market these days. I include several pictures of rooms styled in this trend taking them from Pinterest. Kindly refer to these images for your own interests. However, the simple room is not out of trend vanished in Ozon. 
Bold and statement rooms like these are relatively hard to coordinate and as a designer, I would recommend to start creating “mini drama” in a small dose to start with. Multipurpose daily dinnerware is relating to “Flexibility” trend, Velvet trend is relating to “selfcare” and “fabric trend.”