A Meeting with Anaha Condo GM

I met with Mr. Davie Felipe, General Manager and Mr. Jeff Daniel, General Contractor of the new Anaha condo project.
The renovation project that appears “simple” may involve a tricky structural issue that may relate to the whole building’s insurance and security.
I witnessed many GMs in different high rise condos in Honolulu expressing that many condo owners do renovations without getting an approval from GM and Board members’ approval thinking of many paper works and possible permit process.
Approval by condo GM and condo association is very important and it is a part of interior designer’s job to express that to the owners who want renovations.
For the cases of many recent high rise condominium constructions in Honolulu, it is required to use X-ray system to see if there is no structural wires there when you drill holes in ceiling. It relates to the building security.
Anaha’s townhouse unit renovations will be moving forward!!