Stylish Sofa and Lounge Chair for Seniors



Along with the baby boomer generation comes the need to create an everyday life style that is suitable for seniors who are retiring.

Of course, it is necessary to modify a shower room to be a roll in shower. But furniture for daily use also needs to be suitable for this senior life style.


For instance, Sofa and Lounge chair that is the necessary item for living room: its height is a very important element. European sofa is typically designed for low seat height and it is harder for the seniors to get up after staying there for a while.


Therefore, we recommend a sofa and lounge chair with a height to be closer to the height of a wheel chair: 17-19”. Holly Hunt furniture, which is well known for both elegant and stylish designs, has introduced the Caspian Sofa or 906 Sofa that provides adequate seat height that is ideal for seniors.

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Reiko Lewis