Ventus Design’s project at Anaha: Tea Ceremony Room

Anaha, Honolulu’s talk of the town condominium in Kaka’ako… Ventus Design’s tea ceremony room production is nearly complete!

All that remains is installing LED light fixture in alcove.


Many interesting wood and unusual wood species are used in this tea ceremony room. This includes a variety of different woods such as Papaya and Macadamia making it a very Japanese tea room with a touch of Hawaiian style! It is so beautiful and interesting.


Construction was done by Master Kagayama and also Mr. Goto, both exceptional tatami craftsman. Many kudos to both of them for their efforts and incredibly detailed minds.


The Koa wood tea table (that was also created by Master Kageyama which shall be used for informal tea ceremony) is placed right in front of tea ceremony room. The owner, who is a senior, is very pleased with the fact that she can enjoy her hobby, tea ceremony, in Honolulu.


This condo project also contains the segment of senior living, that portion of my work still continues and Ventus Design is hoping to introduce this segment of work again in the near future.