Ventus is the wind on which change wafts into your space.

We infuse our work with four core Japanese values – Wa (Harmony), Kei (Respect), Sei (Purity) and Jaku (Serenity).

By practicing these values, our team is able to continuously explore new possibilities and potentials;
unleashing the opportunity to create the very best results for our clients.



  • Harmony
  • Respect
  • Purity
  • Serenity

All employees will treat each other like a family member, doing their best together to move forward towards a common goal.  All employees participate and together, determine the direction of the company. All work hard together in the pursuit of both individual and company growth. If a conflict arises, all are to talk until a common solution is found.

All employees will try their best to gain the respect of others. Employees who garner respect are also to respect each other, continuously learning and helping each other in the pursuit of individual and company growth. All employees aim to achieve and maintain responsibility.

All employees are to be professionals in their respective fields and to keep purity in their spirits. Employees do not participate in unmoral or unethical endeavors. Quality of professionalism is always judged on ideal moral and ethical behaviors.

All employees are to recognize that there will be tough challenges throughout life. Employees are to demonstrate courage in the face of adversity, tackling obstacles to the best of their ability while exemplifying grace and internal peace.